Photographer || Art Director

Lotte’s main focus is on ART + PHOTOGRAPHY. Her process is very intuitive. She loves to collaborate with other artists in order to enhance her photos with an extra dimension, so the series tell an even clear, richer story and hence trigger an emotion to the viewer. The social aspect and the ability to create new work with others is what makes her so excited and passionate.

Serving a wide range of clients including creative stills, portraits, e-comm, campaign, lookbooks for fashion brands as well as entrepreneurs who want another look and feel. She is driven by working with people who have passion for what they do. 


Graduated her Bachelors in Photography, she offer a wide range of photography solutions for your project.


As a freelancer, she met a lot of people last 10 years. 

Working with clients such as À la, Alix the Label, Another Label, ANWB, Calvin Klein, Carhartt, Converse, Costes, Karl Lagerfeld, King Louie, Sidestep, Skins Cosmetics, Supercilium, Stage Brothers, Tommy Hilfiger Kids, Tommy Hilfiger Jeans Capsule, The Sting, Van de Ende, Zenggi

Art Direction

The future is collaborative. Art and humanity is constantly changing. We live in a moment when everybody is constantly producing content, sharing and expressing themselves is a different ways and mediums. Let's create together.

Magazines Commissions

Contributor magazine, C-Heads, Cover magazine (DK), Design Scene, Gentlemens Watch, INDIE, JANE by the Grey Attic, LFK Magazine, LINK, MIRROR MIRROR Magazine ’19, New Style Man, PURPLEHAZE,  Schön Magazine (UK), SICKY. ,  The Kunst Magazine (NYC), The Atlas Magazine, Unicorn/Dream # Issue 4, VICE Style


2010 Jan - today            

Freelance Photographer/Editor/Art Director/Being a mom & wife

2018 Sept - today

An artist, curated by The Next Chapter Agency

2017 May - today

Ambassador of power project ‘Happy On Friday’ of founder and keeper 

Kim van der Hoeven –

2017 May - 2017 Sept   

Studio Manager @ I Heart Studios 

2013 Dec - 2016 Sept   

In-House Senior Photographer (part-time) @ Costes 

2012 Feb - 2014 Jan    

Photographer at Talentpool Mrs Robinson



Weekendworkshop:’ Anders in Beeld’ – schilderen, Amsterdam, Netherlands


HBO Fotovakschool (direction photographic design), Amsterdam, Netherlands


HBO Hoge Hotelschool (management HHS), Maastricht, Netherlands

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